Multi Strap Longline Bralette

Multi Strap Longline Bralette

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This product is made using multiple adjustable plush elastic straps and stretch velvet in Navy or black gold as well as gold rib-knit.

Each bralette is made to order and can easily accommodate custom or half sizing.

The sides of the velvet is reinforced to prevent stretching and the underbust uses elastic to support the bust. This makes it ideal for large and small bust sizes.

The straps adjustability make this bralette convenient for people who tend to fluctuate in weight or breast size during lunar cycles.

Each bralette is made to order.

Please inquire about custom sizing or half sizes

Models range in height from 5'1" to 5'6" and our wear 30B and 34C


Photographers: Caitlin Tomlinson
Models: Ashley Dowd, Kyra Rickards