Black Lace High Rise Brief

Black Lace High Rise Brief

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This style of underwear sits high on the torso, resting just above the bellybutton and offers full coverage.

 Black picot elastic is used to line the waist and leg of the garment.

This style was designed with a longer torso and hour glass/pear shape in mind. 
Please inquire about custom sizing or half sizes

Size Guide:
XS/0 -- 24"waist -- 35"hips
S/4 -- 26"waist -- 37"hips
M/8 -- 28"waist -- 38"hips
L/12 -- 31"waist -- 41" hips
XL/16 -- 34"waist -- 44"hips

The lace used is a dead-stock fabric. This means it is fabric left over from mills and garment factories (pre-consumer waste).
Models are all wearing size small and range in height from 5'1" to 5'6"


Photographers: Caitlin Tomlinson, Megan Sontag
Models: Ashley Dowd, Kyra Rickards, C